Comptroller John Liu and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Announce Plans to Ease Burdens on Nonprofits


Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Proposals for Nonprofit Governance and State Financial Requirements Are Also Good News for Nonprofits

 In his State of the City address on Thursday, February 16, New York City Comptroller John C. Liu proposed measures that would ease financial and administrative burdens on New York City’s nonprofits.

Comptroller Liu proposed reforming the VENDEX system (a set of questionnaires the City requires all vendors to submit in order to do business with the City), which would reduce red tape for New York City’s nonprofits, and eliminating the VENDEX administrative fees for nonprofits. The Human Services Council of New York (HSC) and its members have long called for these types of reforms.

“HSC appreciates the desire of the Comptroller to partner with the nonprofit sector to better serve New Yorkers in need,” said Michael Stoller, Executive Director of the Human Services Council of New York. “VENDEX is a burden on nonprofits, and we appreciate his efforts to reform the system to make it easier to do business with the City and provide essential services. Additionally, the fee takes much needed revenue away from programs, and we support his proposal to eliminate that fee.”

Members of HSC also offered their support.

“Using valuable time and resources to comply with duplicative processes means we spend less time on programs,” said Gary Carter, Executive Director, Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service. “As a smaller organization, we applaud the Comptroller for looking for ways to help reduce burdens while maintaining accountability.”

Dr. Jeremy Christopher Kohomban, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Children’s Village, said, “As an organization with multiple government contracts, finding ways to reduce administrative burdens is crucial to providing the best services to the community. Streamlining the VENDEX process will save us time and money.”

Support for Attorney General’s Proposals

HSC also views as positive Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s proposals to change the way nonprofits govern themselves and work with government and receive payment, also announced on February 16.  The Leadership Committee for Nonprofit Revitalization released its report, the culmination of the work of the Committee for Nonprofit Revitalization, a group formed by the Attorney General to address the challenges nonprofits face and develop recommendations to ease these burdens.

Stoller, who co-chaired the Reducing Burdens on Nonprofits Subcommittee, said “New York relies on nonprofits to provide essential services throughout the state, but the contracting process contains unnecessary hurdles and inefficiencies. The Attorney General’s report contains key recommendations, including streamlining the contracting process and establishing a new Office of Contracting Reform and Accountability; these changes will drastically improve the business relationship between nonprofits and government.”

HSC is excited to see elected officials focus on the importance of working efficiently with nonprofits, who provide vital services to the community. We will continue to work with the Comptroller and Attorney General to improve the business relationship between government and nonprofits.


About Human Services Council

The Human Services Council strengthens New York's nonprofit human services sector, ensuring all New Yorkers across diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and generations reach their full potential.
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